The tenor Vincenzo Di Rosa benefits as a passionate chanson singer of French and Italian ballads from his French-Italian roots. Even as a nine year old he performed as a solo singer and dancer in his father’s folk music group. Later he devoted himself to studying the piano and singing at the College for Music and Theatre in Saarbrücken and graduated in Mainz as a seasoned concert performer in the subject of song with the highest marks.

Numerous concert obligations followed: successful performances as solo tenor found there high point in musical engagements with works from Webber, Bernstein, Sondheim and Gershwin, as well as an opera gala for the Jordanian royal delegation.
Since 1997 he has also been successfully active as a children’s musical performer and actor. See also TheaterCompagnie Lion.

During his training he developed the passion to interpret the classical chansons, this he added to his strictly classical repertoire. He has a particular love for the songs from artists such as Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Gino Paoli, and Luigi Tenco. With this he could successfully combine classical elements with chanson, so that his own unmistakeable style evolved. His performances as a chanson singer led to appearances at home and abroad.In the year 2000 he was on tour for the Italian Embassy in Kuwait.

In 1999 he won the competition to find the official anthem for the “1000 year celebration” in Saarbrücken.

Further milestones were the live performance in 1998 in chateau Beychevelle, in a programme with Patricia Kaas on the occasion of a presentation for the company Peugeot.

In March 2005 he had the honour to perform songs in the presence of Charles Aznavour, artist of the century (chosen by CNN and Times Magazine) at the Leipzig opera house on the occasion of the release of Aznavour’s German biography. Vincenzo Di Rosa, was accompanied on piano by Georgi Mundrov.